Knowledge Acquisition a.k.a recommended books, authors and speakers

There are a lot of books and authors who shared language and tech stack independent knowledge. Because these skills will not age out soon, therefore it is recommended for every developer to read, understand and use them.

In this post I am gathering some literature I have read or watched through the years of my carrier and may be useful for you and I will try to expand it later on.

Authors of fundamental knowledge

For me, among a lot of authors these had the biggest impact in my skills or in the way how I think about software.

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Martin Fowler

Kevlin Henney

Keynote Speakers

Do not have enough time to read books? Listen it while going to work. A lot of good keynote can be listened during the daily commute. In this list I share some I watched.

Trisha Gee – Java, Intellij


Written by
Barnabás Bartha
Barnabas Bartha