Graduated from Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest. He has experience with Web, Mobile and Cloud development including DevOps but prefers business value over technological buzzwords. He is keen to work with best practice development methods with special care of software design and clean arctirecture to increase his team's effectiveness.

In his free time he likes to experiment with new technologies on different side projects. His hobbies also include sport especially football, hiking and nature photography where engineering meets art.

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Avoid Layout Trashing using fastdom

Usually, updating DOM properties make the browser calculating the layout changes only after the frame so we can retrieve properties from the previous one. However, one can easily trick the browser into a read-write-read-write cycle which forces the...

Violation Long running JavaScript task took xx ms

Recently, while I was working on my webgl sandbox side project‘s GUI layer, I noticed that the screen is lagging and freezes for 150-300ms every time just when a text is changed. It was hard not to notice and ruined the user experience of the...

Barnabas Bartha