Full stack WebGL sandbox game development, Coding Principles and DevOps

I have been working on a sandbox game using web technologies since April, 2019. This is a complex project with numerous interesting topics I want to dive into and write about.

According to my plan I am going to expand this article series in the following topics I have been dealing with:

  • Sandbox game design
  • Visuals in Three.js including scene optimization with geometry instancing in an open world game design
  • Packaging using Webpack
  • Clean Architecture and principles in TypeScript
  • Custom lightweight physics in Three.js
  • Optimizing client-server data synchronization including interpolation
  • CI/CD with Gitlab and Docker
  • Scalable back-end with Traefik, Swarm
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • DOM drawing/reflow optimization on GUI layer

2020 April

Older screenshots

A screenshot of the game with a lot of trees in the background showing geometry instancing and basic multiplayer capabilities.
Illustrate hitboxes of objects used for lightweight collision detection.
Written by
Barnabás Bartha
Barnabas Bartha